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About Flyties

FlyTies were conceptualized by Bruce Roberts around a well attended campfire at Johnson Creek Idaho over 14 years ago.  The burning question was presented to the group of  “experts”.  That is, “What would make the ultimate tie-down stake for aircraft?”  Large quantities of libations were consumed that night and a lot of “bull” was shot.  But in the end when all was said and done, more was said than done.  After taking notes, Bruce went back home to his workshop in Watsonville, CA and started designing and a company was born.  Since then, FlyTies  have been popularized by continuous improvement year after year.  Today they are the tie down of choice for pilots who are serious about the best quality and security for their aircraft.

Flyties® are aircraft tie down stakes to anchor aircraft into the ground.  High quality, reliable, and penetrates harder soils. Small surface footprint prevents people tripping over them.

FlyTies® unique design allows quick insertion and quick removal using the easy-out extraction tool provided.  Rugged, die-cast steel rods are 3/8” x 14” for deeper penetration into harder ground.  Cumulative load capacity is 3,600 lbs.  Kit includes 3 ea. Aluminum hubs, 9 ea. steel rods, 3 ea. 3/8” x 12’ ropes, easy-out extraction tool, and rugged compact canvas tote bag.  Complete kit weighs only 6 lbs (Less than 1 gal. of Avgas) and has a lifetime warranty.

There are advantages to using an omni directional tie-down stake design such as FlyTies. Reason: The force is being distributed evenly over three points. The three rods, working together act as a single unit. This yields tremendous holding strength.

Compare this to the force that is being directed to one single point, such as a single steel spike or wooden stake. The force is directed to one point only. High gusty winds can eventually work it loose. If the winds are strong enough, the hole will elongate and eventually fail to hold.
The omni directional tie down stake like FlyTies is less likely to pull out in high-gusty winds because three stakes working together support each other. This prevents constant wind gusts from working the stakes loose.



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